Friday, May 25, 2012

First Big Step

Yesterday afternoon, we received a phone call from my nephew in Australia - A is checking into treatment, and needs us to call him ASAP. Hubby was out when this call came through. I am deaf, and unable to use the phone. I texted Hubby to come home ASAP to call. He did, and we called. We put the phone on speaker phone, so I could at least catch snippets of the conversation. A's voice was so broken, I couldn't even understand the snippets I usually get. Hubby later translated that A is at a government place, filling in all the paperwork to get him into treatment there. It will take about a week to find him a bed. Could we send him some money to get him through that week? ABSOLUTELY NOT! But with no $, no food, and no shelter, and winter looming, how is he going to get through that week safely? Our daughter D, has come home from school for a week to process all this shit. She has the idea to ask my nephew to purchase any basic things that A might need.... a meal, soap, prescription medication (apparently A has been given a prescription of I don't know what).... if my nephew sends us receipts, we will reimburse him for the money. I wonder if this will work? Hubby phoned my nephew (L) and discussed this with him. L is happy to do this. I am hoping with all my might that A hasn't gotten L into trouble as well.... he is only 23 years old. Still, seeing that A has taken that first big step in seeking help (at least, this is how it seems... is it the truth?), is very positive. I had spent the whole night and day in tears until that point. I still can't believe he has relapsed after such a long time. 

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  1. You have so hard life... If only I can help you... It can be silly, but do you know why do you suffer so much?